Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opinion Digest

Worth noting:

Thomas Sowell: How the left distorts history through the "selective filtering of facts."

Mark Steyn: Who's protesting Arizona? Just the usual suspects.

At SI.com, college football columnist Andy Staples writes that only Notre Dame can stop a massive realignment of mega-conferences:

Essentially, football independence is a crucial piece of the soul of the university. Now Swarbrick and chancellor Rev. John Jenkins must decide whether Notre Dame will sell that piece of its soul to join the Big Ten

Oh, wait - Fr. Jenkins already sold part of Notre Shame's soul. How many more pieces does it have? Note to football purists: looking to John Jenkins as your last line of defense is like the French believing the Maginot Line would keep them safe.


  1. Here is the correct link to the Sowell column: http://townhall.com/columnists/ThomasSowell/2010/04/27/filtering_history

    Not a surprise Arizona protests are by the same thugs who protest to push an agenda. Think of the racist activists (Cochran Firm, et al) who sued NASCAR to remove a Grand Slam race out of Florence to add an event in Fort Worth, TX; this week the Sprint Cup races the "minor" Florence race, the Showtime 500 (originally the Rebel 300, a Confederate Memorial Day event for convertibles in 1957; by 1963 it was a race in what we now call Sprint Cup). Thug behaviour, as we learned with Obama, is the way to make it.

    Notre Dame has to remember if they sign with the Big Ten, they must give up broadcast network television coverage of games in favour of lower-level cable networks (Big Ten) for the majority of games, with a Game of the Week on ESPN that is only regional. Megaconferences would also put Kentucky and South Carolina, who are in two megaconferences, on differing sides. Because futbol masculino is not a sport in the Southeastern Conference (only two schools), they are in Conference USA, another megaconference with just five teams in that sport, for that sport alone. Would a mandate be made to stop the “double dipping” in these conferences for Olympic Sports?

  2. Correction made on the link - thanks, Bobby.

    Good points on everything else.

  3. Off topic:

    Okay Mitch - now you have to do a Lena Horne obit.

  4. Ter, you're right. Got to sit down in the next few days and work on it. A great lady deserves a great obit.

  5. Can't wait - and please forgive me for calling you Mitch.


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