Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preakness Weekend Digest

A few years ago, there was a song that discussed "freaking" and I don't listen to rap, r&b, or any of the other popular genres in the market today, so I am inept at these "songs" where I confused "freaking" with this weekend's 135th Preakness Stakes. On to this weekend's digest

Ethan Epstein: Stamped for Failure. Porkulus I eliminated the mid-1990's welfare reform of the Gingrich Era as “prime minister”. California's looney welfare makes it better to live on it than to work. Is this Welfare Under Obama's NWO?

Heritage Foundation: Congress' Historic Decision to Ignore Its Basic Duty. I wonder if this is intended to let Obama stuff his entire extremist liberal agenda (or Pelosi, too) in budget authorisation bills. The 40% minimum wage hike passed in 2007 by the Pelosi “reign as prime minister” was passed through a defence authorisation bill, as was the thought crimes law through the same way. Is “cap and trade” and other nonsense to be passed into law with another budget ruse?

Philip Klein: Obama's Rationing Man. So it seems ObamaCare's next move is here – get the man who will ration health care to appease the socialists running the nation. Could we see where treatment won't be covered but suicide will?

Meredith Jessup: School Cancels Girls Basketball Team's Trip to Arizona over Immigration Law. So punish them because they punish criminals? You want criminals rewarded? Ten years ago, the NAACP passed a resolution boycotting South Carolina, and it worked. The Bi-Lo Center and newly built Colonial Life Arena (designed for it) are not allowed to host NCAA Basketball Tournament games, BB&T Coastal Field (Myrtle Beach) won the ACC Baseball Tournament hosting, but the NAACP stepped in and the ACC moved them out, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm helped sue NASCAR to take the last leg of the Grand Slam, and kill it from Florence, adding a new race in Fort Worth, TX. Is the success of killing South Carolina the reason for wanting Arizona killed for punishing criminals?

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