Friday, May 21, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

On Let's Make a Deal, stupid prizes are called "Zonks". They're often called "Safety Car Moments" because these pieces of stupidity are often necessary to be calling for a Safety Car.

In Peru, a vocal group is about to perform when confetti starts popping during the start of the song! If you've read this blog in the past, you might even identify the song simply by the opening notes.

In Monaco, Michael Schumacher makes a pass on Fernando Alonso as the chequered flag waved illegally. In Formula One, if the final lap is run under caution, the race must finish under caution even though the safety car is moving to pit lane at the end of the final lap. In most racing, if the safety car is running during the final lap, the driver does not move to pit lane at the end, leading the winner across the line to end the race. Mr. Schumacher misinterpreted the rule.

Sportscaster Chris Myers used his substitute role on the Dan Patrick radio show to praise the people of Nashville for staying strong and banding together to rebuild, and compared that to that of New Orleans, where the people complained about the government instead of going ahead and rebuilding. The values of Nashville seemed to remind him of the value system in a Sprint Cup paddock of hard work, determination, and never giving up, things he mentioned in his book NASCAR Is America. Some want Mr. Myers suspended from the final telecast of the year, but this is wrongheaded. Remember when Kayne West went after President George W. Bush after Katrina? In the very same fifth-grade history book where I learned the dangers of the USSR, they teach in capitalism, you say you could do better, while in Communism you trust the government for everything. People like Mr. West are the type that Mr. Myers was discussing.

Liberals decided it was now time to push for more socialism and communism now in order to get everything done so they can encourage an extension of the New USSR. The "financial services reform" is another example of how the President and his Lefties demand we be controlled by the government, and we lose our financial system. The investor class has to go. The Reagan ideal must give away to a Soviet ideal of this Chicago Community Organiser.

And one more piece of stupidity: The increased control of the Service Employees International Union over this country showed when SEIU thugs sent fourteen buses to intimidate the deputy counsel for Bank of America. They protested at the counsel's home, which just had their teenage son, while the counsel was at a ball game with his other son. Police made no arrests. Yet this union thug organisation is increasing its power under this Presidency where they have control of this nation. Which executive is next for the SEIU?

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