Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day Digest

A former Anglican bishop in Uganda, removed from his position by the Church of Uganda (the local branch of the Anglicans), has come to the United States to ask the Obama Administration, and it's anti-family, pro-deviant leadership, to force those nations to adopt policies that favour these deviants. They blamed Americans for attemping to pass laws punishing behaviour that goes against the Bible.

A group of royalty in the Arabian Peninsula wants to build the Freedom Tower? Sorry. That is not something anyone wants since we know what Al Qaeda, Usama's Henchmen, and others wanted to demolish this nation.

The Price Is Right 1972 is once again embracing television's wonderful past. Country group “Lonestar” will be the “house band” for an episode of the game show airing this week taped last month, as they finished its 38th season last month and Brooks Parkenridge, world-renowned soccer photographer, is in South Africa currently for the World Cup. (That is host Drew Carey's pseudonym for sports photography, since he sells it to wire services.) As I've learned, live music was used in the early years of television, but has fallen by the wayside. Live music has become a Carey concept, as he has used a live Marine band for military episodes, and has often used live musicians to present musical prizes. It seems he has found a late-season episode (only two more regular episodes remaining in the season) to try an old-fashioned episode with a “house band”. Could this be the start of more “throwback” concept episodes where live music is used once again on television? I remember NBC's Twenty One 2000 had a live band in its early episodes.

You traded an entire gridiron team for this? Les Richter, a former NFL linebacker who was traded for eleven players  – that's right, an entire active squad during a play – died over the weekend.

Cheers to the United States Army. 235 Years of Army Strong, and a shout-out to Jon Chavous in Kentucky. But will we stay Army Strong if this President and his leadership has it their way by weakening the military to appease their activists who push the Gill Agenda?  

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