Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Importance of America

The fourth-grade history book at the parochial school I attended for the majority of my secondary school life (which was much better than the college-prep or government school that I attended afterwards because of the excessive physical abuse at both schools; I later learned the reason for such abuse was the type of teachings they offered, which was the same; how could I picture a seventh-grade math book teaching fringe environmentalism, and have to face gruesome abuse that I cannot explain on a family-friendly site, or later in government school, where the abuse continued, and science books taught junk science and history books taught anti-Americanism, while civics books taught virtues of big government) required us to learn the first half of the Declaration of Independence, the American's Creed, Preamble to the Constitution, and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

With an excessive abuse of powers by the current Administration, it is time we re-read the document that was written 234 years ago, and remember our school books other than those of parochial ones it seems forgets our Founding Fathers and our Founding Documents. Some of these charges hold true in 2010 considering the dictatorship of this Administration wants us back in the Stone Ages. 

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