Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Opera Wednesday

Not to toot my own horn, but "Three Kings in 50 Minutes," my article on Gian Carlo Menotti's Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, is now available at the Opera America website. My thanks to Evan Wildstein and the good people at Opera America, who do so much to further opera education.

Speaking of Menotti, here's a clip from an early 60s televised performance of one of his greatest operas, The Consul, the timeless, grim story of a woman in a totalitarian country. This is Patricia Neway singing "To This We've Come."

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  1. To This We've Come -- you have just reminded me that the Magda I saw in 2003 is doing her doctoral recital tomorrow, and I cannot attend (work).

    For me, "To This We've Come" reminds me of a strange room and a strange setting -- but too the inside stories of that Magda and myself, and the story of how I nearly lost my spot in the recital because Magda didn't want to do the suicide scene. The story of that Magda and the months leading to The Consul and the recital in question remain a personal heartbreak and we've mocked it. I've thought of this after bad football losses where I was forced to starve on Thanksgiving and after missing a big 10k with illness on race morning.

    I think of "To This We've Come" after anything that can infuriate me. When I do, she zings me with "The Consul!" And I've hidden myself in the back to greet other singers if she's singing and do her last. Well, I sang in Beethoven's Mass in C Major last month and she ended up using my trickery on me. I was meeting an old friend when she pulled the rug on me!

    Oh, how can a 32-year old soprano from Laurel, Mississippi just pique me operatically, and make me just another of the opera buffs.


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