Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thought crimes punishment

Last year, I warned that the passage of Shepard-Byrd (the Thought Crimes Act that criminalises Biblical speech and rewards sexual deviants with special rights) through the Defence Authorisation bill could lead to the loss of freedom of speech. In Spain, home of CampeĆ³nes de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA, a religious media organisation is facing a fine of €100,000 by the "Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio" (Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce). for releasing television commercials with the theme “Proud of What?", in response to homosexual "pride" festivals. The fine, according to the European arm of Jay Sekulow's American Centre for Law and Justice, violates freedom of expression.

Spain, which legalised false marriages when the ruling Socialists took over following the Madrid Train Bombings, has grown increasingly humanist in the Socialists' control, as marriage fell and now standards that allow baby murder at any point have been passed, in opposition to the majority of Catholics that form the majority of the country.

Could we see churches being fined millions of dollars by the FCC for running church services, or advertising, that says homosexuality is a sin?

Ake Green, a minister in Sweden, was indicted on similar crimes and was acquitted. But in the United States, with Shepard-Byrd, could we see a Spain situation where the rights of sexual deviants now replace Freedom of Speech? The President wants this and would love churches who say sexual deviancy is wrong be sent to prison.  
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