Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Digest

Dennis Prager: The difference between 'World Opinion' and Left-Wing Opinion.

Michelle Malkin: Open-Borders Department of Justice versus America.

Concerned Women for America: Bad Romance: (Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services Director) Donald Berwick and the United Kingdom's Health Care System.

John Stossel: Parasitic Tort Lawyers.

Real Clear Markets: Race, Gender Quotas in Banking Bill?

A Little Leaven: The next round of “sermons” at Life Enhancement Centres.

Glenn Beck: 1932 All Over Again.

Oh, by the way: do the Latin America region play-by-play men who call soccer matches create a type of trouble that has sadly permeated soccer leads in North America that we don't want that type of annoying goal screamers and instead go with low-key, let the scorer's own emotions take over type of goal calls that is too boring? If Pat Summerall was calling soccer, he might have just announced the scoring player, and the importance of the score, and drop his microphone as the celebration takes place. That would be boring to the screamers of radio or even the Latin America style. But what would happen if Mike Lange had called soccer matches?

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