Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Opinion Digest

Roger Hedgecock: Grave Threat to United States: Back Door Amnesty.

Mike Pence: Democratic Tax Increases Are Coming.

Debra Saunders: Grizzled Veterans of America's Math Wars (and Literature too).

John Howting: Why Academics Love Catcher in the Rye (creates Erlichs and Gores for the future).

Wall Street Journal: 100 Years of Merit Badges Although I didn't do Boy Scouts (didn't know much, as we didn't have much when I grew up, BSA Troop 45 was directly across the street from our home on Marshall Street where I grew up), I respected them and my eighth-grade geography teacher was the Scoutmaster.

James Allen: Webber charges to Eni Magyar Nagydíj win as Vettel is Caught Napping. Now what Vettel did was team orders on the restart. Bernd Mayländer made the stupidest mistake by not calling his observer to report the violation. Brett Bodine (Sprint Cup), Johnny Rutherford (Izod), Randy Kiser (CWTS) would have nailed the violation easily.

Daniel Flynn: Top ten examples of NAACP Racism.
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