Monday, August 16, 2010

What about the church destroyed by Usama's henchmen?

While all the controversy has arrived over the building of an Islamic mosque that would be tradition that Islam builds "victory mosques" in areas of major victories (here, the proposed Ground Zero mosque that government in New York City and the President endorse), a church that was destroyed by Usama's Henchmen (no wonder we see why that's another major "victory" of Islam on that terrifying morning in September)

Modern liberals can find a Constitutional Right to Sodomy, Homosexual "Marriage", Baby Murder, Government Control of Education, Health Care, Energy, and Auto Industry, but cannot find any reason to stop a "victory mosque" near the site of One World Trade Center?

And we now have a major terrorist organisation endorsing the mosque.

So they're spending our money on numerous projects in the name of "recovery" in a Keynesian way of spend to stimulate while the economy still has unemployment at over 20%. There is a double standard on taxes. 
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