Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cowardly Congressmen, bears, and Ronald Reagan (in that order)

You remember Clint Howard, brother of Ron. (He's the one who doesn't constantly wear a hat to cover his bald head.) Well, apparently that's not the only way in which he differs from his brother, as this neat video shows (H/T Big Hollywood):

That's right - Opie's brother is a conservative.  Whoda thunk it?  (As one of the commentators pointed out, he hoped this wouldn't lose Clint roles in any of Ron's future movies.)  Seriously, this video is a great piece - serious points illustrated with a wicked sense of humor, this is a perfect example of the way conservatives need to get their message out. 

And as for Clint, he's sure come a long way from being the boy with the bear:

Unless, that is, this was the bear he was hanging out with:

Oh, what the heck - since we're on the subject of bear videos, why not end with an all-time classic:

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