Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend reflections

MTV Star Testimony. Stephen Colbert spoke as an “expert” in Washington on migrant labour. The star of MTV Networks' The Colbert Report has no business discussing this issue. It is reminiscent of the pesticides on fruits, when the same Leftist lawmakers were using Meryl Streep to discuss this issue and successfully banned one pesticide, and celebrities who simply play characters on television but have no knowledge of the issue except of what they were pushed by movie scripts.

This is different from the Claremont Institute and Reason Foundation, both of which use game show hosts as members of think tanks and both are active with their think tanks as long as they work with real staffers together.

Tie Game, Do It Again. The Toyota Australian (Rules) Football League Grand Final will be played again Saturday (midnight ET / Friday 11 PM CT) after Collingwood (9 goals, 14 behinds)-St. Kilda (10 goals, 8 behinds) ended with a tie at 68-all Saturday afternoon. Many Australian sporting events are being postponed in order to play this Melbourne Cricket Ground affair again. The only other major sporting “grand final” that would be replayed in a case of a tie is Japanese baseball's NPB Japan Series. If any game in Japanese baseball is tied after 15 innings, the game is played again, 0-0, with a full nine-inning game. Imagine Yomiuri and Seibu, tied 3 games each, Game Seven, and it goes 15 innings. That would mean a Game Seven Replay.

No, You Didn't Do It. After trying to be part of (and finally getting on) a USMC Mud Run in Gaston Saturday, the makeshift team that I was able to be part went 25 of 32 obstacles before stewards called it off (darkness). A disgraceful DNF in my book because a DNF is always bad. It was tough but enjoyable. I think it's something I'll put in my 2011 plans.

Concussion-Hit CFL Player Hit Harder. Top-5 CFL rusher Cory Boyd (Toronto) has been hit with concussions already this season and was out last week because of it. But personal tragedy hit him last week. His college roommate's suicide makes the story even harder. As I write, he may be in Atlanta for his college roommate's funeral (he is the godfather of the roommate's son). (Boyd and BC offensive lineman Justin Sorensen were teammates of the deceased; the writer is also a graduate of the same university that the three in question played.) 
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