Monday, December 20, 2010

The Intolerable Acts

Taxation that was imposed on the Colonies in the 1760's and 1770's infuriated colonists, who protested, and by 1773, taxes on tea were the only ones remaining, with a monopoly imposed. The infuriated colonists launched a raid on the tea in Boston, leading to the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773. The resulting furore over the protests led to a British attack called the Coercive, or Intolerable Acts.

In the past two years of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama triumverate, we have seen a series of Intolerable Acts of the 21st Century, aimed at a modern mostly conservative protest organisation whose name was derived by CNBC's Rick Santelli on February 19, 2009, knowing of the history of the United States 235 years ago. The result was the birth of the modern Tea Party Movement, protesting against the Left's numerous policies of the past 45 years that has left this country in a lurch, and sending modern Americans to reliving the “spirit of 1773” with this protest.

In the spirit of 1773, it seems Congress has agreed to be the English and pass Intolerable Acts to stop their opponents. A no debate, no discussion, follow the Dear Leader Congress has continued with this action.

The list of Intolerable Acts of the Administration includes:

  • The passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to create massive government spending on pork projects that only lie in the districts of leftists. (On a trip across the Carolinas, I saw projects end at the state line in North Carolina but never went South.)
  • The seizure of General Motors and Chrysler for their business models of profiting trucks over small cars, and both CEO's contributing to Mitt Romney.
  • The reward of Ford for not doing so, and becoming an automaker that produces Mazda and (Chinese automaker) Geely cars, replacing SUV's with jacked-up Geely sedans, and exclusive rights with the GSA where the only cars they buy will be Mexican-produced hybrid versions of the Mazda Atenza (also called 6) when Mazda builds North American Atenzas in Flat Rock, MI. Also, CEO Alan Mulally is on the President's Export Council.
  • And on the auto industry note, the new fuel economy standards designed to outlaw trucks and force us to the tiny cars, along with the “Cash for Clunkers” designed to force us into the tiny cars by crushing larger cars and SUV's. Worse yet, it made people who save money and buy used cars as recommended by Fox Business' Dave Ramsey pay more as the cars they would have purchased were crushed, as were charities where automobile donations, along with entrepreneurs who repair and refurbish automobiles, at the reward of (mostly) chain automobile dealerships instead of the family ones. (Politicians' Top 10 Promises Gone Wrong, 2010)
  • The intrusion on financial service companies through new laws that were found to have destroyed the banking industry.
  • The mandates of “wind and solar” and other alternative energy sources that rewards the People's Republic of China while punishing our industry. See the light bulb plants shut down as new laws mandate Chinese-made CFL's that can be more dangerous when they break (mercury leaks) requiring special disposal tactics.
  • The passage of “health care reform,” which has already imposed new regulations on health care, including rationing medicine and services, prohibition on private (doctor-owned) hospitals, and a “five-year plan” to eventually do away with private health insurance to create a single-payer, state-run system similar to other countries. New policies on health care are already hurting, and the new taxes to fund this have created more headaches. The ultimate goal is socialised medicine that will ration care and create inferiority.
  • New regulations on textbooks that will create failure in our schools, while teaching politically correct ideology while not teaching fundamentals.
  • Proposed reform to legalise illegal immigrants in order to gain new voters and a permanent liberal supermajority.
  • Proposed regulations on the Internet and Media in order to prohibit speech by opponents of the agenda, creating a police state on speech.
  • The passage of Shepard-Byrd Hate Crimes Act, where Christians can be arrested for speech that offends sexual deviants, as other countries have shown. Speech that offends a specific group of liberals can now be declared a Hate Crime for purposes of silencing any opposition to the Left's agenda.
  • The passage of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act, which removes “good moral character” and rewards sexual deviants by allowing them to intrude into the military, while new codes are added to punish opponents of their behaviour. It codifies the bogus “equality” equation while punishing with dishonourable discharge any soldier who equates sexual deviancy as mentioned in Leviticus 18 as sinful, and rewards such onerous acts while punishing those who oppose it. Chaplains will be outlawed as what they preach is against the new policy of the country under the onerous regulations of the Gill Agenda.
  • A proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act that allows pedophiles to work in schools and special protections for sexual deviants that they can work in places they are not allowed to work for the sake of political correctness.
  • The passage of new ethanol subsidies to force Americans to use politically correct fuel in dangerous ways other than racing fuel used on the race tracks in the country by creating a more dangerous fuel (straight alcohol racing fuel is safer if there is no gasoline mixed).
It seems from this list that Congress has once again intruded with a modern series of the Intolerable Acts, passed to please the Modern Left's sexual deviants, illegals, socialists/communists, and environmentalists while attacking the Tea Party whose protests lit up America's airwaves. The Boston Tea Party infuriated England, resulting in the Intolerable Acts of 1774. This Congress has written many intrusive and wrong laws that have created the Intolerable Acts once again, passed to attack the Tea Party, which successfully won the House, in that the Lame Duck Congress specifically to attack those who won the election by imposing their agenda before the new Congress can act.

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