Saturday, December 18, 2010

Liberals' next move: sexual deviancy in the military

A friend from college serves in the United States Army, and he is being reassigned from Fort Knox (Kentucky) to Fort Benning (Georgia). The husband of an elementary school classmate serves in the Navy and is being reassigned to Hawaii. Yet we now hear of Congressman Reid trying to force down a repeal of a ban on homosexuality in the military that passed the House as a stand-alone. And this time the President is wanting a full passage of this.

Can you imagine the loss of troops as new policies would effectively strip troops of the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the right to assemble by effectively saying they must subscribe to the idea that sexual deviancy is normal, and opposing it is an automatic dishonourable discharge, where a new "speech code" in the military will even prohibit soldiers from attending church because it promotes values in conflict with the new leftist mandates?

If this passes, we shall see soldiers exit the military as they will be ejected for violating code. Worse yet, those who stay will be forced to observe and accept by force the despicable conduct of these sexual deviants, and their conduct has long been one that has hurt the military. The military is not a social engineering facility to force us into the Left's ideas. We saw how the President seized political opponents of his auto agenda in order to force us into the tiny cars he wants us driving. They've imposed a new federal speech code on speech that is from the Bible that says sexual deviancy is wrong in Shepard-Byrd. The Left has used schools as a social engineering venue to punish men by banning men from sports via Title IX, and eventually banning men from school for the same reason. Now they are wanting to make the military the newest social engineering venue for the homosexual agenda.

We voted to throw these legislators out, and yet they are now ramming this down our throats as a final way of saying "this is our house, and we will not let you have it." At this rate, is the first word of our National Anthem "Soyuz," and the Hammer and Sickle replacing the Stars and Stripes?

More on this story from Sandy Rios.
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