Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Intolerable Acts: START and Net Neutrality

AAnother round of Intolerable Acts has struck.

It seems the Congress of Pelosi and Reid and liberals of the FCC have seen the moves by England in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party, and have passed another round of Intolerable Acts to impose their agenda that we rejected on the people.

Another treaty, this time favouring Россия, in the START treaty. It seems when your necessity is to pluck less than ten of the opposition, including the legislator we've called “Grahamnesty,” to surrender our weaponry while letting Россия run amok, we have surrendered the nation to them. Terrorists and dangerous nations such as nations with the word “People's Republic” in them (DPRK, PRC) will have the ability to have dangerous weapons to attack us, while our defence will be worthless. In effect, with this Intolerable Act, we have allowed the enemy to run roughshod over us with our Front Seven and Secondary being unable to make contact with any nation, while they can hit our guys. Now we have surrendered our sovereignty in lawmaking to the European Union by court orders (see Constitutional Right to Sodomy and coddling of teen criminals), now we are allowing other nations to dictate what we can do in defence (START).

Add this to “Net Neutrality” which will be used to outlaw Webcasts of radio programming that is opposition to the propaganda machine of this Administration, their goal is set. First we shut down the Armed Forces and replace it with the Department of Social Engineering, Special Rights Division. Now we weaken our defence against terrorists and rogue nations. This Administration reminds me of West Coast Basketball – no defence at all!

It does seem to be 1774. We've raised our hand to say no to these liberal activists, and they decide full speed ahead to impose their agenda to say we did not win at all since they will have made their victories as revenge. We have a King George III in Barack Obama and his triumvirate colleagues of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid imposing their Intolerable Acts on us. Kyrie eleison!

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