Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attacking Governess Palin: In Mikado, TNT, and the SAG Awards

The bashing of the former Governess of Alaska, Sarah Palin, continues with a trio of inappropriate incidents in recent weeks. In the past month, the Missoula (MT) Children's and Missoula Community Theater featured performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado where a few eagle-eyed and eagle-eared people detected an attack on the Governess in the performance of the musical.

Mikado is set in Japan to attack the British government and institutions of 1885, but Ko-Ko's aria "Lord High Executioner," is where he sings about people on his "list" for elimination. Often, the lyrics are regionalised to refer to local heels, and it was clear that liberals in Montana, a state with two liberal Senators, decided to call for the beheading of Governess Palin in the song. Why is she being attacked in the theatre with the call for beheading? Is calling for the assassination of leaders a federal violation? Or are standards different when the Left goes after the Right still?

This isn't our first go-around on inappropriate themes in the theatre, as we discussed a Hans Neuenfels production of Idomeneo that featured the severed head of various religious figures (and axed only when Mohammed's head was included) years ago. Is Hans Neuenfels behind this Mikado production with the bashing of Governess Palin, who helped push through the Red and Gray of Governess Haley to the Mansion?

And Governess Palin had to do it again with an NBA on TNT incident last week too, when Mr. Tracy Morgan, an alleged “comedian” on Comcast's Saturday Night Live, went into X-rated crude remarks on her during an interview before the NBA match. Mr. Morgan had raunchy words during the TNT broadcast about Governess Palin that we cannot post here because of its X-rated nature, and also to Comcast's E! Network coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, he went on another Palin-bashing soiree.

Whatever happened to civility with a former KTUU anchorwoman? It's clear we have uncivilised liberals who attack any conservative at any time, and with both Mr. Morgan's and the Missoula Children's and Community Theater's attacks of this woman.





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