Monday, February 21, 2011

"I For One Welcome Our New Female Overlords"

Obviously I am parodying the great Ken Jennings after being creamed on Jeopardy! along with Brad Rutter here with some weekend thoughts from returning home after Myrtle Beach.

South Carolina Tree House: No Boys Allowed. Here in South Carolina, it does not pay to be a man. There is a girls-only secondary school in Charleston that has been able to stay XX-only (Ashley Hall) while boys are not allowed anywhere in the state to have a regular secondary school (Camden Military is the exception, but it's a boys-only boarding school that also has some college-prep academies for kids who would be casualties under the NCAA eligibility rules first made famous in Proposition 48, now superseded by Proposition 16). There are also two women's colleges (Columbia and Converse) while the federal courts replaced The Citadel in court with the Federal Feminazi Academy of South Carolina (apologies to Tom Hazlett at the University of California at Davis for the terminology!), leaving the state without a men's college when two women's exist. Sorry men, you are the weaker sex and women deserve clubs where No Boys Allowed is the rule, but it doesn't work the other way.

Women now run two of the three branches of government in South Carolina, with poor Speaker of the House Bob Harrell Jnr being the lone male in a woman's world, and we have more women's sports than men's sports opportunities in our educational institutions in colleges, with the likelihood of more bans on boys playing sports coming with new Title IX proposals.

Submit To Women at the Marathon. And to top it all off, a Jersey Girl going for next January's Houston Olympic Trials, doing her best Rachel Alexandria impersonation, beating the men at Bi-Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon XIII presented by Chick-Fil-A Saturday. Her 2:40:11 was three minutes faster than poor Billy Shue, to be the fastest man and not win the trophy, being beaten by a girl by three minutes in the slowest Bi-Lo Marathon ever. It was the fastest Bi-Lo Marathon by a woman and the slowest men's winning time of all-time, and the overall winning time tied 2004 for the slowest (note the new torso timing rule for 2011). The Wells Fargo auditor was given a rude welcome to South Carolina, where men are the weaker sex and must submit to women at all times as the XX has power, not the XY, as we've seen in leadership and now sport.

It begs the question: Why won't our boys play sports? Have federal authorities feminised the state enough to keep boys off the fields?

(Just for reference, your humble blogger broke the six-hour barrier for the first time Saturday, 5:48:27, in his eighth career marathon.)

A College Sport For All: Hate The Soldiers, Hate War Veterans, Support Sexual Deviants. A wounded Iraq War veteran is taunted and bashed at an Ivy League school that has banned the military since 1969. With the demise of the United States Armed Forces and replacement by the new Department of Social Engineering, Special Rights Division, there is consideration to eliminate the ban on this department. The military has been excluded from many colleges in light of Stonewall and many un-American activities that resulted from the teachings in college.

Sorry, But the Daytona 500 Winner Cannot Drink. Trevor Bayne may not be old enough to drink the winner's wine, but at 20 years and one day, the Daytona 500 winner gives Jack Roush, John Henry, and Tom Werner their first win (all Ford teams in NASCAR are required to use Roush Fenway equipment, no other manufacturer has a single-source policy; while it says Wood Brothers, it's all intensive purposes Roush Fenway, which provided cars for the entire podium). It was the first time Ford's Motorcraft won a race since its rival GM Goodwrench was shuttered by Dictator Obama under his "punish the opponents for giving to Mitt rule", and winning his second Sprint Cup start puts him in a class of only one other driver, last year's Daytona 500 winner Jamie McMurray (whose first Sprint Cup win was in his second Sprint Cup start, 2002 at Charlotte). He was not even born when Jeff Gordon made his first Nationwide start, and does not collect the 47 points for a race winner since he is registered as a part-time driver who intends to run the full Nationwide schedule. A driver born in the 1990's has won the Daytona 500 before a driver born in the 1980's. This is a guy who had been released by two teams from development rosters before signing with Roush last fall, and the teams were DEI (let go by Ganassi after 2008 when DEI and Chip merged) and Michael Waltrip (last fall, sponsorship issues). I wonder who's sorry for letting him go now. Hmmmmm . . .
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