Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rated XLV

Gipper 100! A big cheer this weekend for the birthday of the greatest President of modern time, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Considering what we have in the White House today, we need to flash back.

“(Be)cause you fell, you fat pig! Have Another Doughnut!” In Raleigh, NC, the Krispy Kreme Challenge has runners running a four-mile race with a twist: consumption of twelve doughnuts of the North Carolina chain in the middle of the run.

It's Been There Before. Three fights in four seconds?

Child Pornography. Albert Mother's take on an MTV series that is child pornography. I've known the problems of MTV for such a long time that there's a restrictor plate on the television.

Sanger Exploitation of Children. More clinics of Planned Parenthood (a baby murder mill) are found to help with sexual exploitation of minors.
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