Monday, February 7, 2011

XLV Reflections

With a Cheesehead reputation dating back to Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks (two Gamecocks; Sharpe's #2 is a retired number at South Carolina), and to learn of Sopranos who are Cheeseheads (a past voice teacher, and a few soprano buddies), I was looking back at listening to the end of the first quarter after my Bible study Sunday night in the truck on the way home (a big reason I enjoy listening to sports with national radio voices is how they are complete opposites of the modern homers and screamers that fill radio today) and Boomer Esiason's description of Nick Collins' pick-six ("playing center field like Bernie Williams of the Yankees") makes you wonder sometimes how storytelling can be deceptive. As I drove in the truck, it was a painting that I could imagine; those moments aren't painted well by homers on today's team radios.

During halftime, while most stayed watching the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime with the Black Eye Peas and others, Lt. Michael Haley posted a message that the Black Eyed Peas blocked a hit ditty from being used during the successful campaign of Lt. Haley's wife to become Governess of the state. But earlier in the day, from other reports (remember I was in my Bible study), one of the trio of no-talent "artists" that drew my ire from a "music awards show" that needed to be called to the Oval Office (as it's called today) pulled off a Star Mangled Banner that was worse than anything The Daly Planet reported during last year with bad anthems! From what I have been informed through a wire report, this was on par with current Idols judge Steven Tyler's mangled banner at the INDYCAR* race in 2001 that sent journalists in Charlotte and Indianapolis not too amused (the reaction by Super Tex showed)! I would rather have Dr. Jesse McGuire's rendition on the trumpet or any of my vocal Gran Amistad's performance of it any day over this rotten pop "diva" who showed no talent at Super Bowl XLV.

When I initially heard of the story at halftime, I thought when you sit through sixteen hours of practice in four weeks and bang out more notes on your own just to do a choral piece on the level of Beethoven's Mass in C Major as happened in June, we had to be professional to the nines. Behave, people. When the National Anthem is revered severely, we demand serious anthems, not these jokes that are performed by these no-talent pop hoons.

* The sanctioning body for the IZOD IndyCar Series is referred as INDYCAR in all capitals. Source: Bob Jenkins (Versus)
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