Monday, March 14, 2011

Do natural disasters help the Left's agenda?

First off, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the earthquakes and related tsunamis on the Pacific. A friend from elementary school and her husband are in Hawaii.

This natural disaster, and the nuclear reactor failure on the coast in Japan, has sadly created political capital for President Obama and his Green Energy Agenda. Every time I have heard energy plans from this Administration, it has been to aim the goals on two sources, wind and solar. He has refused nuclear, and has called oil and coal "energy of the past" in an attempt to force us into inefficient and cost-rising sources such as corn ethanol (which corrodes engines), wind, and solar. There seems to be Cloward-Piven in place for this Administration to believe in their mantra.

With the cost of gasoline creeping past the $1 per litre range ($3.85, remember you have to add 11%-17.5% based on where you live considering how much alcohol is in the fuel), and the goal of $2 per litre gasoline, they have successfully taken us out of the ladder-frame trucks and into tiny monocoques. With the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan caused by the plant failure from the earthquake, the Left can keep the ban on new nuclear plants imposed since Three Mile Island in 1979. With all that's left, the only sources of energy available are wind and solar. That's exactly the Obama goal. No industry for us, mandate the green goals to let others overtake us.

Sometimes you wonder what the next disaster will do for Obama to push their next anti-industry rant.
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