Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Our Word Awards: Best of 2011

I'd love to have all of you involved in this new project for Best of 2011, the Our Word Awards! And this time, we're inviting our readers to vote! What do you think was the best of 2011?

Most Insulting Ideas of the Year:
  • Pepsi's Crash the Super Bowl promotion that included an ad that mocked Communion at Church
  • A South Carolina state legislator proposing cutting the school year to 144 days from 180.
  • New York state legislators betraying the people to redefine marriage in order to persecute the church.
  • The shutdown of the US Armed Forces in favour of establishing the Department of Social Engineering, Special Rights Division.
  • Macy's protects sex offenders by firing a worker who catches a man in a woman's dressing room.

Quotes of the Year:
  • "Within ten years, I wonder how many fine orchestras will survive Generation Gaga? What will happen to talent like this?" – Ingrid Schlueter
  • “I for one welcome our new computer overlords” – Ken Jennings
  • “But Governor Walker has freed the government union serfs from (union leader Richard) Trumka's plantations in Wisconsin.” – Peter Ferrara
  • “We will not allow the goodness of the traditional value system in our military, an ethos which has kept us safe all these years, to be undermined by misguided and deviant interpretations of American history.” – Bill Connor
  • "Being in a bookstore helps me to think. I find that my mind makes connections between authors and books and ideas as I walk along the shelves and look at the tables. When I get a case of writer’s block, I head for a bookstore. The experience of walking among the books is curative." -- Albert Mohler

Heartbreak of the Year:
  • J. R. Hildebrand crashes in Turn 4 on Lap 200 of the Indianapolis 500.
  • The United States House is unable to pass any of the reforms promised because of Dingy Harry.
  • Butler is stopped again at the Championship Game of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.
  • Boise State, a top 10 team, is relegated to a pre-Christmas postseason game in Las Vegas.
  • The millions of Japanese affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

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