Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another mangled one!

The recent buzz over Steven Tyler's entry into The Daly Planet Star Mangled Banner of the Year, the first entrant in the 2012 contest, reminded me that we have seen it before with him, as we remember at the 2001 Indianapolis 500 when he did an equally pathetic rendition that sent the Indy 500 people screaming for the exits, INDYCAR teams befuddled, and Coca-Cola 600 media at Lowe's laughing at this no-talent. Obviously, when names such as Rich, Briggs, and LaRoche are gold standards, there is no way I could even stoop to this level.

CBS, which aired the AFC Championship Game in question, buys more daytime programming from Idol producer Radio Television Luxembourg than even Fox, and the majority of their non-news daytime programming is controlled by the German television network, as their two hours of current versions of classic game shows is greater than the hour and a half of daytime dramas from Sony (the only network with two daytime dramas). The bigger scare I thought was because Mr. Tyler is involved with RTL Group, it could affect the network considering both The Price Is Right (1972 - RTL acquired the show when it acquired Pearson plc's television arm in 2000) and Let's Make a Deal (2009; RTL, long a holder of foreign licences, acquired the franchise earlier that year) are from RTL, and both game shows are five days a week, 39 weeks a year of original programming.

These rockers cannot sing and with the Budweiser Shootout just two weeks away, need to be called for a visit to the Oval Office. There's a consultation flag waving for Mr. Tyler, and Dr. LaRoche is glad to have him in her office. I write this hours from XLVI -- hoping that we don't have another idiot performance!
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