Thursday, March 29, 2012

Greetings from Raleigh!

Well, hi y'all! (A little Southern lingo there.)  We're coming to you tonight live from Raleigh, North Carolina, the soon-to-be headquarters of Our Word.  And for those of you back in Minnesota, we don' t suppose we should tell you that the the azelias are in bloom, the grass is greener than the Grinch with an upset stomach, and the high temperature today was somewhere in the low 80s.  On the 29th of March.  I'll pause for a moment while you fume.  Our thanks as always to Hadleyblogger Bobby as always for keeping the home fires burning while I'm on the road.  (And to think - by next month, the entire center of gravity of this blog will be somewhere between North and South Carolina.)

There's a great deal going on this week, between Florida and Washington and the Supreme Court, with the Final Four thrown in for good measure.  But you know what?  On an evening like this, enjoying a little Southern Hospitality, we're not inclined to think about any of it.  Perhaps next week - or maybe not.  After all, isn't life too short? 
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