Monday, April 16, 2012

Sad news

I am much more aware and defensive than I used to be. It's true. Everbody is out to get you. They don't know those are lethal weapons, those automobiles." -- George Vescey, quoting from Barbara Mandrell in her biography he wrote, Get to the Heart (1990).

As I woke up Sunday morning readying myself for church after a tiring Saturday (still sore from a half), I receive word from a singing friend of a local singer's death. After checking with a few others, I later confirmed it was the bass from last year's Messiah singalong, Wesley Brax, who had been killed in a two-vehicle collision in Ripley County, IN near Versailles State Park. The 23-year old Cincinnati student's car lost control in the rain, slid sideways, and crashed into a larger car. The smaller car's monocoque was smashed where the driver was killed instantly.

Prayers go out to the Brax family. Such a wonderful singer with a wonderful future snuffed out in an instant in that tragic crash. Wesley had performed at the Tanglewood Music Festival last season, and was set for a return engagement this summer.

Our Word Remembers the life of a young baritone on his way up . . .
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