Thursday, May 3, 2012

You call this a prayer event?

I was outraged by what I heard during Thursday's National Day of Prayer Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Instead of discussing faith and the power of prayer, the speaker, a long-serving Democrat legislator (there are no Republicans elected to any local office -- the Left has had a 20-year winning streak), instead started pushing the virtues of government, the class warfare tract, and even discussed the goodie bags given at major events. It lacked any Biblical thought at all. It had the makings of an Occupy Wall Street rally speech, and was not suited for a prayer event.

If this does not show how the Left would rather promote Occupiers, Class Warfare, and all sorts of "social gospel" that does not include the Bible at a National Day of Prayer event, this should be a warning that the Left will hijack any event to advance their evil, anti-Christian agenda.
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