Monday, June 25, 2012

The transcriber didn't do it right

Transcribers are an important part of every industry that requires speaking. Whether it is in court, or in interviews, they are usually reliable. But in reading a transcript following Sunday's Toyota / Save Mart 350, a big flub came from the transcriber at Sonoma.

Read it and see if you find the mistake from a Kurt Busch transcript after his first podium of the 2012 Sprint Cup season..

Thanks to Kyle and KPM yesterday; to get me back and forth on a nice, private jet that allowed me to rest up and be prepared for today. Yesterday was not quite the day we needed. We needed one more car with the Monster Energy car to get up there with the nix and get that Top 5 finish or even battle with Nelson Piquet, who is a friend of mine. It's amazing to see a Formula 1 guy come in and win right away in a Nationwide car. The Nationwide race was stacked yesterday. And of course, everybody wants to be in Cup, because this is where the best racers race.

Today we came home third. Chevrolet and Monster Energy and tag his or her, our three big brands with us this year I'm a bit choked up. I just made a little mistake there in turn 11. Those tires have never been bolted down, ever and I clipped a set of tires and it broke the front suspension and the rear panel bar and I couldn't compete for the win after that; so a mistake there. Our guys, but if we pulled it into victory lane with all red car and no sponsor, here in California, I thought it was Team Tiger Blood with Charlie Sheen around (laughter).

I see the transcriber in the press room made at least two mistakes, and a third while not-so-subtle mistake, considering the Monster can still take a podium. Can you find them? 
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