Monday, July 30, 2012


I warned friends Friday morning that the Opening Ceremony, which was set for 3:12 PM ET, would not be broadcast in the United States, and only a highlights show would air after the fact.

As it turned out, those words were prophetic. According to BBC reports that were posted as it happened, the Olympic Cauldron was lit around 0035 (7:35 PM ET). And it turns out Comcast (US rights holder, and owner of NBC) had blacked out a tribute to the victims of the 7 July 2007 terrorist attacks in London from the edited broadcast, which effectively made this a "highlights package" while making the East Coast wait until after bedtime to show the cauldron being lit, which took place at dinner time.

And the Socialist propaganda of the opening ceremony reminded me of what has sadly happened to the Olympic Movement -- those who oppose the Far Left's worldviews are censored (such as the Cobb Galleria Centre, set to be an Olympic venue until a certain sexual deviant activist came along and swooped them away, even covering the torch away from pro-family counties) in too many situations now.
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