Friday, August 24, 2012

Analysis on The Mindset List

The Mindset List, released annually regarding college freshmen upon entrance, is an interesting read from Beloit University. I thought it would be an interesting read for consumption with analysis.

Humanism In Education - #3. Terms such as “Forbidden Fruit,” “The writing on the wall,” “Good Samaritan,” and “The Promised Land” are unknown to most of them. This is Humanism on Parade in schools, they have never read the Bible because it's not permitted. Even today's Life Enhancement Centres ignore the Bible, and instead people read a certain self-help book from the King of Life Enhancement Centres in Mr. Warren, Mr. Osteen, or have been taught to believe in New Age beliefs through schools.

MTV as a Legitimate Source of Information - #5 and #22. During the 2008 presidential campaign season, Senator Obama ran campaigns, similar to Governor Clinton, on MTV, and appeared on MTV's homosexual network. However, when it came to the Barclays League of news sources, he refused to appear. The Administration recently said they prefer to appear on entertainment media, not news outlets. MTV programming is that revered by a generation.

And Speaking of #22. We've reverted back in technology. We've gone from black and white to NTSC 480, from 480 to near-movie quality 720/1080 High Definition (the only shows not in HD today are Big Brother and Let's Make a Deal), and now we're embracing tiny screens with 240p quality. It's similar to auto headlights -- we've switched from sealed beams back to screw-in bulbs of the 1920's in the past 30 years.

What's Read - #18? Oh we do miss the years of the World Book in our home!

Bad Pop In The Ears -- #15 and #21. Hearing loss and not caring for the car radio. When the car radio has been the source of sports, news, and weather, what else do you need? I was carrying earplugs for events, and even carry earplugs for events. Sadly, this generation even wants loud rock music for church services. No more LaRoche, Harrison, or Cuttino for them as they want the latest from the Michael Jackson Library for church. Huh?

And on #21. As someone who grew up in the rise of talk radio, with the push of Rush, G. Gordon, Dr. Laura, Boortz, and other major radio shows, and even the 21st century leaders of Hannity, Ingraham, and Tom Sullivan, a generation that ignores serious discussion on airwaves will be completely ignorant. When all they know is the latest pop tune on the airwave, and buy the songs at 99 cents to hear what they want to hear, how can you listen to serious works?

Stupid Sexual Deviancy - #24. No gloves for sexual deviancy groups because they want normalisation. Boxing referees but not White House Security need gloves? Oh dear. Maximum AIDS promotion by the deviancy activist groups that would love to contaminate blood supplies with AIDS!

CCCP - #28. Star Wars (when the movie arrived in 1977) was used by the greatest American President of postwar time as a reference for the defence of this nation against the Evil Empire, the dangerous bear, the CCCP. Star Wars Defence could be needed today to fight Al Qaeda!

William Franklin Graham II - #34. The difference in this unlike the gridiron star listed is that the Graham family is a dynasty in religious communities. William Franklin Graham III and William Franklin Graham IV are evangelists themselves, running the family crusades today.

Seatbacks - #39. Now I've never been to the grand opera theatre of all time, but I've seen supertitles on the stage, not the seat for the operas I have attended!

Labour Issues - The answer to #43? Because of internationalisation of baseball that we saw after consecutive Canadian titles, the next year was Japan's year. The finalists were the Yomiuri Giants versus the Seibu Lions. And which two players from the World Champion 1994 kyojin won MLB titles? Hint: One's from Minnesota and the other made a name for himself on the world stage of baseball's premiership that Series. Futbol has been the sport of this generation, but it's women only for the most part as the success is prominent for Americans, but men are still weak (as the Olympic failure to qualify shows).

No Print Please at #47. At this rate, California propaganda can be easily pushed. John Stossel notes the costs are cheaper for physical books.

Jumping Matches at #52. The controversy of figure skating, since the elimination of compulsory figures (on a figure of eight) has changed the graceful skaters into a more masculine power game. The elimination of the sixes proved it! And of course, the modern action sports movement is where power sports matter!
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