Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scouting's version of the USAC/CART war

The recent Indianapolis 500 reminded me of the tragic news among the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America selling the 100-year old organisation to the wolves of sexual deviancy advancement organisations that sacrifice children in order to advance the wants of this tiny minority that controls Hollywood and the government.

Scouting, as a result of this tragic move by the National Council, under the bullying of AT&T, Intel, and UPS, has sown the seeds of a split as a result of the cave to sexual deviancy activists. The majority of sponsoring organisations (churches for the most part) do not support the bullies that changed the policy to advance sexual deviancy, and it is evident that Scouting's version of the USAC/CART Split of 1978 has arrived with the tragic vote of the National Council.

Much as an airplane crash that killed United States Auto Club officials on the way home from Trenton, New Jersey, in 1978 accelerated the divisions that led to the owners' split with the national governing body, resulting in a split that reared its ugly head at Indianapolis for 30 years, Scouting's major split was a byproduct of the 2012 elections, one that according to Hillsdale College showed the power of the powerful group in the electoral process, the group now clearly in charge nationally, those without religious belief (mostly atheists, humanists, and those without a belief system). They control higher education, cultural institutions, the media, and Hollywood, while carrying a clear understanding of their power and momentum of their growth. It is a split between Scouting sponsoring organisations and the National Council that seems to be irrepairable after recent changes.

The Hillsdale report noted in a swing state for 2012, President Obama lost the Protestant vote by three percent and Catholic vote by eleven percent. However, with just one eighth of the vote, the Nones carried the election home with a nearly 2:1 margin that supported him. The results were shocking, and other elections, where Nones were in control, showed as sexual deviancy activists won all four elections on redefining “marriage” that were aimed at weakening churches, and following further state legislative votes, churches are now barred from ministry work for certain groups as a result of the Biblical worldview in conflict with the state's worldview in a full quarter of the states – twelve and the District of Columbia – in full, and more in part.

Liberal authorities want to eject Scouts for a Christian worldview (including Jamboree venues), which was the reason for the sellout in part in order to keep using facilities, and also to keep corporate sponsors, bullied by activist groups such as the Human Rights Campaign (which is not about human rights but about forced acceptance of sin and expulsion of those with a Christian worldview, as Matt Barber learned) and the Pride Foundation, and also by federal laws of this Administration, including Public Laws 111-84 (Shepard-Byrd) and 111-321 (redefines the military's goals to homosexual activism), and now even a bill to legalise bestiality and other gross conduct currently illegal. Sadly, this is the reason for the demise of the Boy Scouts of America.

In the Hillsdale article, they noted “dhimmi” means non-Muslim, and under Muslim rule, those who are not Muslims could only survive if they accepted Muslim dominance. The modern ruling Nones have adopted the same playbook in that Humanist dominance must be accepted and Christianity must be shut down.

The result of this massive decision by the National Council, and in effect the dhimmitude of Christians by the ruling Nones, has created the catalyst for the upcoming split in Scouting. It is on par with USAC and CART 35 years ago, but was not something we needed until activists ran roughshod with the power of humanists against Christians. These are splits that are necessary in order to preserve the Biblical truth, as the Scouts and the supermajority of sponsoring organisations have been abandoned for the 30 pieces of silver that the Nones took in order to advance an agenda pushed by the President.
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