Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Of Rent-A-Mobs, absurd health insurance reform, and running the Peachtree instead of watching 40 hot dog eaters

R ent-a-Mobs. The classlessness of the Christian bashers has grown. Fresh off successes in overturning religious freedom via the overthrow of common sense in favour of selling out to every sin-pusher in the world, they have returned to Austin, where weeks ago, a bill to ban the murder of children after they are 20 weeks old was killed by the filibuster of Wendy Davis that reminded me of the Indianapolis 500's three qualifying sessions (Day One Q1 and Q2, Day Two) and where rules may deserve a change.

The delay tactic used was the bill would die at midnight if it was not passed. The roll call in the Senate started just before midnight, but the final approved votes were at 12:02 AM, killing the bill.

If it was INDYCAR, this problem, and another current session, would not have been needed, all Gov. Perry would have needed was to sign the bill that passed. In INDYCAR, if a car leaves the designated pit box at 3:59:55 PM, just seconds before the 4 PM gun that ends Day One Q1, that driver is entitled to make his runs, even if the green flag waves at 4:02 PM and the run ends at 4:05 PM, and if the driver's time is between 10th and 24th, he is in the field, or between 1st and 9th, he enters Q2.

Would common sense have prevailed?

For someone who was taught to hate orange early and still does with reckless abandon, seeing orange tee-shirts and the classless dress of the protesters had me laughing at what they were doing.

And oh, by the way; the rent a mob told pro-life legislators they hoped their daughters were raped. Now this is thuggery.

Be in the worst shape, lower rates, but double or triple rates for healthy ones? I admit I'm a fitness person. I've run nine marathons and made my super sprint triathlon debut last year. I lift weights and with my best friend, often take barre classes together (she was my dance partner). I avoid colas and junk food when possible, and prohibit quick-service restaurants, colas, and coffee from any intake. And, to take a cue from our British readers (considering the number of football posts we've done here), I do not tolerate fags, nor do I even use them. (If you're not familiar, that's a Brit term for a cigarette.)

With mandatory “health exchanges” coming in play and new approved health care under the “Affordable Care Act,” in effect, a healthy person would pay two to three (or more) times greater than what they currently pay, including mandatory payment for baby murders, and with the anti-Christian agenda of Dear Leader, it is no longer possible to count AIDS as a “pre-existing medical condition” as part of pushing sin legalisation.

So it's perfectly OK to reward poor health but if you're fit and do marathons and the rest, but anyone who is obese, has morbid conditions (including STD's), and the works will be rewarded with lower rates. Go figure. That's ObamaCare.

When in the course of human events . . . Those words mean things. It was 237 years ago those words launched the Declaration of Independence against King George III. How much of this holds true today as we have Dear Leader leading a generation to believe in dependence on the government.

Cultural Outrage has a New Lead. ESPN, which has taken over tennis (and is perpetuating its decline), once again showed the ultimate Independence Day disgrace; the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest. Once again, there were two contests, a women's and a men's. What is with that show? Forget the chemical loads, I ran Peachtree Street! 

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