Friday, January 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: Let the Bright Seraphim

On Wednesday, Nikki Haley was sworn in for her second term as Governess of South Carolina.  I had the opportunity to attend Family Fun Night Tuesday, but because of a longer workload, I was unable to attend the inauguration as I was in the past.

Since this commentary was originally written, I had the opportunity in 2013 to sing another Händel work, Israel in Egypt.  Furthermore, the liberal Diocese of Upper South Carolina is the older of the two diocese of the heretical Episcopal Church, of the 22 western counties.  The 24 eastern counties, of which my residence is part, is with the newly founded Episcopal Church in South Carolina, of which ten counties (including my own) do not have a congregation, as they have stayed with Bishop Mark Lawrence, aligning themselves with the Global South primates over the heretical teachings imposed by Katherine Schori, who leads The Episcopal Church.

Meanwhile, speaking of the 2015 Inauguration, the winner of a Pop Idol season so bad that RTL Group fired a judge after the season because of her actions, including a quote that could meant an intent to fix the contest in an unprecedented way that did happen (Minaj's comments against men proved to be prophetic -- could have sent RTL officials to fire her thinking she wanted the fix, since fixing game shows is a federal criminal offense), did the National Anthem at the Inauguration this time around.  Reading that the Pop Idol winner Candace Glover was performing forced me to play a political zinger.

"I know Ashley Briggs. Ashley Briggs is a friend of mine. And Candace Glover, you're no Ashley Briggs!"

Flashback here.

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