Thursday, March 3, 2005

MH - 10 Things I've Done That You Haven't

Time to lighten up a bit.

This has been sweeping blogdom (I got it from Eve Tushnet and then Terry Teachout) - listing 10 things the writer has done that his/her readers probably haven't - and since you know I can't stand being left out in the cold, I figured what the heck, might as well. Actually, it was an interesting exercise, since at first I figured I couldn't possibly come up with 10 things that unique. After all, I've lived a pretty dull life. Well, it took me a couple of days, but you know what? I was able to come up with 10. They might not be that interesting, but it's a good exercise, and I'd recommend all of you try it as well. You might realize that you're more special than you think (even though God knew that already...)
  1. Nearly been hit by lightning, and then nearly hit by falling debris from the building that was hit by lightning.
  2. Run for public office.
  3. Hosted my own (cable-access) television show.
  4. Did a radio commercial when I was in grade school.
  5. Called the boyfriend of a female friend of mine (at her request), a man whom I had never met before, and told him he needed to pay more attention to her. (Surprisingly, the releationship didn't last.)
  6. Had my picture taken with the Stanley Cup.
  7. Seen a comet with my bare eyes.
  8. Written a novel (unpublished, as yet).
  9. Spent a Super Bowl Sunday flying from Minnesota to Maine, with stopovers in Chicago and Boston - the two cities whose teams were playing in the game.
  10. Had a book personally autographed by a former President of the United States.

Can you do better? I'm sure you can...

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