Thursday, March 3, 2005

MH - Fast for Terri

Here's an idea that's been spreading around the Terri Blogs - it's from Gregory Popack at Heart, Mind and Strength:
In this season of Lent, a time of repentance in which we reflect on the generous suffering Christ endured for our sake, I suggest we do as St. Paul suggests (Col 1:24). Let us "join our sufferings to the cross of Christ" and offer those sufferings for Terri's sake.

I propose that from today to March 18--and perhaps beyond--all those reading this who are physically able, participate in a fast for Terri. Let us offer our hunger to God so that she might be spared of the hunger that will kill her.

A simple fast is when the main meal of our day is simple and the two smaller meals of our day--added together--are not as large as the main, simple meal. This is the kind of fast that is common for Christians on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Can we do at least this much for Terri everyday between today and March 18?
Gregory is right - we do need a miracle. We need to double and redouble our efforts. For those who can't fast (I know someone with diabetes, for example, who has to eat regularly) increase your prayer. If you've already given up some item or practice for Lent, consider adding to it. But please think about doing something, regardless of whatever your religious preference may be. It is this kind of communal sacrifice (something Catholics have been lacking since meatless Fridays outside of Lent became optional) that brings us all together and increases the power of our efforts.

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