Wednesday, March 23, 2005

MH - Appeal Denied, Starvation Continues

I'm sure you already knew this. The Schindlers will continue to appeal. We'll all continue to pray. Andy McCarthy at NRO (who has written exceptionally well on this) had an excellent post on the tactics used by the opposition:
But then it actually happens ... slowly. You're powerless to stop it, and ... you find your life goes on. There are kids and jobs and triumphs and tragedies and everyday just-getting-by. An atrocity becomes yet another awful thing going on in the world. After a day, or maybe two, of initial flabbergast, we're talking again about social security reform, China, North Korea, Hezbollah, etc. A woman's snail-like, gradual torture goes from savagery to just one of those sad facts of life. As is the case with other depravities once believed unthinkable, it coarsens us. We slowly, and however reluctantly, accept it. We accept it. The New York Times no doubt soon "progresses" from something like "terminating life by starvation," to "the dignity of death by starvation," to "the medical procedure that opponents refer to as starvation." And so the culture of life slides a little more. The culture of death gains a firmer foothold.

Why drag it out, McCarthy wonders? Just cut off her air. "But no judge, even in Florida, would ever have had the nerve in Terri's case to permit 'the medical procedure that opponents refer to as asphyxiation.' Too crude. Too quick. Too obviously murder of a vulnerable innocent. Brazen, instant savagery might wake us from our slumber. For the culture of death, better that we sleep."

As Christ reminds us, we must all stay awake...

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