Wednesday, March 2, 2005

MH - Chaput Fires Back at Critics

Here's a story on the good Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, a man who's strong defense of the Church should stand as a model for all of us, fielding questions from a group of civic and business leaders this week. You'll see the typical attitude from Chaput's critics - why does the Church stick its nose in our business, what do celebate clerics know about sex, why force a woman to have a child she doesn't want - all the usual suspects. Chaput's answers are blunt and to the point, and he deserves our applause and support. The headline to the story reads "Lunch Crowd Challenges Chaput," but I think a more accurate headline would have been "Chaput Challenges Lunch Crowd," because his defense of the faith is just that, a challenge to them and to all of us to practice what Jesus preaches. It ain't easy, critics say. Yeah, no kidding. But lest we get too tied up in our materialistic world, remember what Our Lord said about rich men entering Heaven...

(Props to K-Lo for the story.)

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