Wednesday, March 2, 2005

MH - Quick Takes

Some good things I've noted while surfing our Blog Link sites this morning:

Dawn Eden has a touchingly personal reflection on what it means to commit your life to God. As C.S. Lewis once said, if you ask Him into your life for some reason, He won't be satisfied with addressing that one aspect - He's going to ask you to give Him everything.

Eve Tushnet on "What He [God] Really Thinks of You." Reassuring thoughts when you're feeling depressed, deserted, tempted to sin, or spiritually dry. It also speaks volumes to the dignity of human life, something we seem to be having a little difficulty with in this culture.

Catholics In the Public Square sees the parallels between Terri Schiavo and Million Dollar Baby, in "the fear of suffering and disability that pervades our culture [and] compels some to seek 'an easy way out', a quick painless end -- 'better off dead' rather than a burden to self and others." It is that fear and misunderstanding of suffering that is at the root of so much of our society's problems.

In conjunction with all these, Ignatius Insight Scoop links on a story about Princeton's notorious Peter Singer, the man who (among other things) thinks it's ok to kill some children after they're born, and "once criticized Mother Teresa for loving the individual human person rather than mankind as a whole."

Check them out when (not if!) you get a chance.

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