Wednesday, March 9, 2005

MH - The True Face of a "Million Dollar Baby"

...can be found in this post from Rich Lowry at The Corner, on a NYT story of a real-life female boxer facing a situation similar to that of the movie's "heroine." Lowry calls it "heart-breaking," and I'm in no mood to disagree.

You know, this is what the fight for life is all about. It's for women like Terri Schiavo and Katie Dallman and other men and women like them. It's for the millions of unborn babies who depend on their mother to bring them to life outside the womb. It's for you and me, who by the grace of God and our mothers were born, and by the grace of God might avoid death at the hands of a killer society. It's what Pope John Paul has been preaching about for his entire life. It's the dignity of life, and make no mistake about it - life has an innate dignity that neither the state nor Corporate America nor anyone else can take away from you.

The Founding Fathers understood that what the state gives to you it can also take away, and we must keep it in mind as well. The dignity of life comes from God alone, and it is that with which we must cooperate while here on earth, for through that we touch Him, and honor the dignity which He gave us.

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