Thursday, March 10, 2005

MH - Here's Who Comes Next

In one of my posts yesterday I quoted a headline from Blogs for Terri - "Judge Rules No Food, Water for Terri Schiavo - Who's Next?" Bill Cork has the answer in this post, the story of a man on a ventilator, receiving artificial nutrition and hydration. His family wants to keep him alive - no problem there - but the hospital told his wife they were cutting him off. A judge sided with the hospital against the family - apparently they don't think the prognosis is good, and in the meantime it's costing them too much to keep him alive. Here's the complete story.

But what really gets me about this the most is this editorial from the Houston Chronicle, headlined "When relatives file suit to overrule physicians and keep loved ones on artificial life support, everybody loses." Here's Bill's excerpt from that editorial:
If relatives prove incapable of making a rational decision, then courts must be willing to enforce the law [that permits the plug to be pulled apart from the family's desires], no matter how personally disagreeable the judge might find that duty.

In other words, the judge says I'm just following orders - the order of the law. After all, we are a nation of laws, not men, right?

Keep this up, though, and there won't be any men - or women - left. This is so toxic, so grossly immoral to even consider, I don't have the words to express how it makes me feel.

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