Friday, October 7, 2005

Until the Dawn

By Mitchell

I'ts a bummer that Dawn Eden is temporarily suspending her blog until completion of her new book. (Expected time of return: mid-January.) I'm happy for her, of course, and for everyone who will benefit from her immense talent and witness to the faith when her book comes out. At the same time we'll have to do without her daily infusion of humor, insight, and righteous indignation. As she said in her post, "Planned Parenthood et al should hold off their rejoicing, as I'll still monitor the culture of death." For that we're surely grateful!

You know, the blogosphere is a very interesting thing. For all that the internet has made life somewhat impersonal (we spend so much time on-line we seem to be losing the art of human interaction and face-to-face contact), it has also given us the ability to form relationships of one kind or another with people we've never met. I have several friends I've never even met in person, and some that I haven't seen for years, but we still manage to stay in contact through the miracle of electronic communcation, and that has to be a good thing.

There are still others whom I've never made contact with - I know them only through their public writings, and whatever they choose to reveal about their private lives through that writing. Dawn Eden is one of those people. I've never spoken with or corresponded with her (although I do know someone who knows her; does that count?), and yet through her writing I feel as if I know her in a way, and to that extent am quite fond of her. (I also admire her a great deal, as I've mentioned in the past.) I suppose this is somewhat common in the blogosphere, especially among bloggers who share the same areas of interest. We all form our own little community, and become a small piece of a much larger whole.

Anyway, we'll miss you, Dawn, until you return. Good luck!

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