Friday, October 7, 2005

Bleg Request - Fr. Ralph Di Orio

By Mitchell

We've received a bleg from one of our Hadleybloggers for some information on Fr. Ralph Di Orio. Here is the following:

In the late '70s a priest came to St Cloud. He had the scriptural gift of healing (mostly physical ailments), and many people were healed at a number of services that were held at the Catholic High School gymnasium in St Cloud in 1979, I believe. At that time, he was from New England (Massachusetts?), and I now recall his full name as Fr. Ralph Di Orio (I hope I am remembering correctly). As I read Scripture, his gift was practiced in a Godly manner that gave God the glory, and in the services I attended, he deflected any attention to himself. Almost in an "apostle" -like manner. If you can find any information on this man and his Christian service, I'd appreciate very much. I was always impressed with his humble spirit.

I've Googled a bit of information on him, but if you know anything about him or have any information you can share, our blegger would be grateful. Thanks!

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  1. hi ive met him he is a wonderful priest my asunt had cancer we went to see him he called her down to the altar and healed her when she went bac to the doctor the cancer was gone he told us it was not him it was the spirit working through him we went to see him many times and received many blesssings and healings i hope to see him again 1 day


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