Friday, March 28, 2008

Reading the Wires

By Bobby

In the wake of auto racing's new open-wheel unified series following the IRL-Champ Car merger, IRL, a charity of the League, discusses open-wheel reunification as an analogy with unity in the Bible.

According to the IRL site, there will be three religious services on race day (Saturday):

9 AM - Chapel services (Grand-Am Road Racing and Indy Lights)
4 PM - Chapel services (IRL)
4:30 PM - Mass

Mass will be held just before the drivers' meeting.

In related IRL news, as per recommendation of Rusty Wallace after the tragic 2006 practice session at Homestead, FL (site of the season opening race) in which IRL rookie Paul Dana was killed, there is no race-day practice before any IRL race, just like Indianapolis. The last practice will be held before qualifying, which will be a 4-lap format.

Wallace, who was the ESPN IRL analyst in 2006, criticises the idea of race-day practice, being a short-track racer who believes if you have two days of practice and a one-engine rule, race-day practice isn't needed.

"They used to have morning practice sessions because teams used to change engines all the time; and when you put a new motor in the car, the driver wants to try it out and make sure everything is fine. But now with the one-engine rule (they don't change engines) they don't need to have it."

Bruce Martin previews the upcoming season, which begins tomorrow night at Homestead, here.

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