Monday, March 31, 2008

A Reflection on Churches and Schools

By Bobby

In reflecting on comments from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes, I wonder if schools' decision to follow the postmodernism influenced by John Dewey has caused a decline in musical standards in our society.

If the schools are not teaching children music abilities, the church should be feeding children with a steady diet of sacred music from centuries ago and teaching it to them. It is time the OCP/GIA (Catholic church music's major issue is with both Oregon Catholic Press and GIA) or the major secular music publishers' control of church music departments end. We do not need to have church teach children to jiggle to the latest pop tunes they hear off the local hip-hop, r&b, or pop radio station in the hallowed sanctuary of a church; rather, they need to learn to sing the great songs of faith.

Mr. Starnes, a Protestant, wrote on his Blogspot page, "There's a new generation of young people who will not be exposed to the great hymns of our faith --- who will never know the joys of Royal Ambassadors or Bible Drills."

The truth sadly is a generation which does not know the sacred masterpieces, both Catholic and Protestant, is being developed because of the major secular labels, Oregon Catholic Press, or GIA Music. It is time the church be willing to take charge of teaching youth music, and teaching the fundamentals of wonderful sacred song, from the pipe organ to choral masterpieces, not the karaoke pop that dominates today.

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