Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quick Takes

By Mitchell

  • With Formula 1 about to make its only North American stop of the season for the Canadian Grand Prix, it seemed like a good time to check in on our old friend, the beleagured Max Mosley. And it seems that Max has dodged yet another bullet, receiving a vote of confidence from the F1 governing body despite the sordid Nazi-role play sex scandal that involved him a few months ago. Well, what is it they say? Unlucky in love. . .
  • In that April 27, 1974 TV Guide I mentioned in yesterday's piece, there's this teaser regarding an upcoming ABC News investigation of illegal immigration: "More than 660,000 illegal immigrants to the United States were deported last year, but they are considered to be only a fraction of the number that remain. . . Most of the illegal immigrants come across the Mexican border." As I said yesterday, sometimes the more things change. . .
  • I know McCain's soft on illegal immigration, but I think we can be pretty sure he didn't have anything to do with that, since he'd just gotten out of a POW camp the year before. At least, I hope that's the case.
  • One last note on yesterday's piece, and that Bowie performance of Heroes I linked to. I admit I've always been fond of that song, having used it as the theme during my campaign back in '98. I think what particularly attracted me to it was the line, "We can beat them,/Forever and ever/We can be heroes,/Just for one day." Apparently, one day was all the heroism we had in that campaign, and that was the day we won the party endorsement. It was all downhill from there!
  • OK, one more thing. Today, if you were going to use that song in a political campaign, you'd look at the candidates you had to choose from and the line that would stand out the most is probably "Though nothing will drive them away." I'm just sayin'!

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