Monday, December 29, 2008

This Just In

By Bobby

NFL Docs Pull Plug on Lifeless Lions
Management Cited for "Failing to Field a Team"

(NEW YORK CITY -- December 29) The National Football League Competition Committee has voted unanimously to terminate the Membership of the Detroit Lions, effective immediately.

The termination of the Membership was ordered by the Board upon an investigation into the 2008 season of the Lions, where management was found to have failed to field a team for play during the 2008 season. Under the by-laws of the National Football League, failure to field a team is grounds for automatic termination.

The NFL stated in a news release, "We are very disappointed for our fans, league partners, and other member teams. The NFL would like to thank the Detroit area fans for their support of the Lions for over 70 years. However, by the organisation failing to field a team for play in 2008, and instead fielding jobbers, the Competition Committee has declared the Membership must be immediately terminated."

The search for a 32nd franchise is being immediately conducted to find a replacement team as soon as possible, and the League hopes to find the new franchise, regardless of city. However, it is expected the city of Los Angeles is highly expected as one of the cities in contention for the new franchise. That area has not had an NFL team since the 1994-95 season. Such a franchise would begin play immediately in 2009-10, with the entire roster of jobbers on the former Lions squad being available for the new team.

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