Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Just In

By Kristin

Weather Report for Minneapolis/ St. Paul

As if coming out of some deep cryogenic sleep, the Twin Cities awoke this morning to a summer like temperature of 30 degrees. The Hadley Blog Weather Team went to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to gather feedback on this year's thaw.

“It was like coming out of a deep cryogenic sleep,” one stunned St. Paulian stated. “I was like, whoa, I don’t need that extra layer of down”. This person wasn’t the only one relieved from this sudden change in temperature. “I could leave my long underwear, ski socks, parka, fur-lined mittens and Snuggie home,” Susie Snaffold told reporters after offering the Weather Team some bars. There was one traveler, however, who did not appreciate this atmosphere as much as the locals.

“I’m up here to visit family, and I am never coming back,” yelled a tan, Hawaiian shirt clad Californian. “It’s like an ice box here and these people are calling it a heat wave.”

The Hadley Blog Weather Team was able to comfort the frigid man with some warm hot dish.

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