Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lenin's Birthday Means More Communist Restrictions

By Bobby

The celebration of Lenin's Birthday (April 22, 1870) has become increasingly used by liberal activists to push for fringe environmentalism through the "Earth Day" celebrations. It is intentional that the celebration is held on the birthday of the father of the CCCP, since the ideals of the CCCP's supreme father are those of the fringe environmentalism.

The announcement of a "climate change" bill that will be cleared by liberals through their tactics of prohibition of debate and discussion, and it features limits on carbon dioxide (what plants breathe!) and greenhouse gas emissions, including a "cap and trade" effort to charge exorbitant fees on energy produced by coal, gas, and other sources, in an attempt to push for the only two energy sources that are acceptable to liberal activists, wind and solar. The "wind and solar" mantra is pushed like a Buddhist mantra and the bill also includes mandatory energy production from sources they want (wind and solar), and tougher "energy" standards to virtually ban the internal combustion engine. These "green energy" proposals have destroyed Spain. What does this President and Congress want, us to copy failed policies of countries whose laws now override our laws?

In the end, liberals have a push to take away private property and make everything in control of the government. The increasing philosophy of Communism as endorsed by this Congress and President is continuing through this earth worship agenda, and let it be known that Lenin's Birthday is the ultimate way to celebrate this liberal philosophy. When the Resurrection of Christ is not allowed to be observed, but the Birthday of the Father of the CCCP is celebrated in our schools and media, it is a sad state of affairs to see what liberal activists have decided in secularising this country to create a New World Order of earth worship, "wind and solar", and other mantras designed to destroy this country.

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