Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Takes

By Mitchell

In our best headline-grabbing way, a few bits and pieces that have come to our attention in the last couple of days:

Are You Listening, Perez Hilton?

From The Anchoress: "Appreciate my indifference to your sexuality. Yeah…that’s pretty much how I feel. I think the gay community does not really understand that most folks don’t care who they sleep with - they just resent having it all shoved in their faces, so they’re forced to react - it’s a set-up."

It sure is - they want to trigger a reaction, and then beat you over the head with it. Because it is, you know, all about them - and in today's culture, there's absolutely nothing worse than being ignored.

(By the way, why is it that whenever I hear a name like "Perez Hilton," I'm reminded of that scene in Dr. Strangelove where Peter Sellers confronts Keenan Wynn with the line, "Listen, Colonel Bat Guano, if that is your real name.")

That’s it!

Charles Krauthammer on Obama's performance at the Summit of the Americas: "Does the narcissism of this man know no bounds? This is not about him. It is about his country. This is something that occurred under John Kennedy — the Bay of Pigs is what [Nicaragua president Daniel Ortega] is referring to. And what he is saying is that it's OK that [Ortega verbally] attacked John Kennedy, as long as it wasn't me.

"Doesn't it occur to him that he ought to defend his country even if stuff happened before him? It doesn't all start with him."

For a long time, I’ve been trying to find exactly the right word to describe Obama, but as usual Krauthammer has beaten me to it – narcissist. And that goes double for so many of his followers who, in the glow from the halo they’ve positioned over the president’s head, really are admiring themselves.

But What Do You Really Think?

S.T. Karnick on Jon Stewart: "I have always considered Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) to be a thoroughly repugnant ass and his TV show a bunch of garbage for only the very stupidest of left-wing nobrains. As a result of my avoidance of the man and his works, I have seldom had occasion to write about him."

I agree with this assessment 100% - I just wish he’d been a little more blunt.

Speaking of Shooting Your Mouth Off...

A certain Catholic blogger who shall not be named uses the acronym "STFU" in a piece about Newt Gingrich. Regardless of your political opinions - shouldn't we expect perhaps a higher level of discourse from a Catholic blogger? I can appreciate that perhaps his crayon wasn't able to handle all those big words, but still...

(Remember the saying: "Keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool. Open your mouth and remove all doubt." I feel as if I can say this, having proven the latter far too often. But honestly, sometimes this blogger can be the worst possible advertisement for Catholic evangelization.)

Before We Leave You

This is one of the all-time great stories from The Onion. But to be perfectly honest, I think we scooped them.

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