Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Who Paid Conan, Anyway?

Since we haven't talked about the NBC late-nite television wars for awhile, I thought I'd throw in this little nugget, which looks at the whole thing from a different perspective. Namely, that Conan was paid off using taxpayer money. Or so says Jeffrey Jena at Big Hollywood:

NBC, National Barack Communications, and its other so-called news outlets like MSNBC, are a part of General Electric. General Electric is run by Obama loyalist and advisor Jeffrey Immelt, who until recently allowed GE to continue to do business with Iran through middlemen, as documented by Bill O’Reilly. General Electric, as part of the economic bailout, received billions in loan guarantees for its GE Capital division. So why no Obama outrage over a company that took our money and paid out huge dough to an under-performer? Why no Tim Geithner or Larry Summers demanding that salaries at GE and its subsidiaries be kept to $500,000?

I must admit, I hadn't thought of it that way. Now I almost hope MSNBC keeps Olbermann around; I'd hate to think I was paying for his buyout...

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