Saturday, March 27, 2010

Call the Law on Lewis Again!

This 2007 video of a youth dance group at a well-known dance studio (yes, the choreographer listed is Caroline Lewis, who also choreographed the adult jazz routine that I danced that year -- her ACL tear was a key exhibit in my defense against socialised medicine) came to my attention after a report came Friday morning that #2 Vodafone / Mobil 1 / Santander / Aigo McLaren-Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was pulled over by Victorian authorities for what David Hoots would call "actions detrimental to street traffic" while in Melboure for the Qantas Grand Prix. Mr. Hamilton's actions are what Fox motorsport commentator Darrell Waltrip would call a John Force (for the burnouts; Mr. Force, a multiple-time drag king, is the father of Full Throttle Drag Queen Club member Ashley Hood) and a Rhys Millen-style drift on Melbourne roads, and led to his Mercedes-Benz rental car being seized.

This wasn't the first time an authority has "Called the Law" on Mr. Hamilton either on Formula One weeks. His licence was pulled three years earlier in France for driving 200 km/h. It's time to Call the Law on Hamilton. Sorry, but jiggling with your girlfriend (who can't sing in this group which shares its initials with a pop music trio consisting of Oneness Pentecostal ministers) to this song that Caroline chose should be your punishment.

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