Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seth MacFarlane Insults the Schindlers

It has been five years since the plug was pulled, by court order, on Teresa Schindler Schiavo, at the request of her husband Michael for, as we now know, the purpose of adultery and marrying another woman (the gruesome discovery came on the day her sister came to speak at our March for Life). In the early entries of this blog, Mitchell discussed the issue and the sanctity of human life. These entries have come back to my attention in light of another Pinhead move by Seth MacFarland that I want, during the ten Sundays of NASCAR on Fox (Phoenix, Richmond, and Florence are the three Saturdays), the Sprint Cup endurance runs to have delays that force the races into floodlights where Fox has to pre-empt an episode of Family Guy in order not to show the grand stupidity of this adult cartoon that shows nary any respect for her, the Palins (as seen on a February 14 episode), or for anyone in general with dignity.

I thought of Mr. MacFarland's incident as I reflected on the "meat and three" at the Lizard's Thicket where Terri's sister, Suzanne Vitadamo, enjoyed a dinner with us from the Citizens for Life the night before the 2006 state March for Life. Suzanne sent this statement (that included commentary from her brother Bobby) about the stupidity of Mr. MacFarland's cartoon that has drawn the ire of this innocent family.

In the cartoon, the first Mrs. Schiavo was insulted and the suffering is ridiculed in an Alinsky-style manner with the theme "Terri Schiavo: The Musical," and numerous mechanical "life support" systems, and references to her as a plant, and a vegetable. To add further insult, indoctrinated schoolchildren singing about wanting to "pull the plug" to kill her. Mr. Schindler also noted, "(C)ertain people are simply not worthy of receiving medical care because they are viewed as burdens on the health care system." Does this sound like what Obamacare is doing? This cartoon also took the thug Michael Schiavo's side. What an utter insult!

Here's another letter written about it and given to

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